Purbeck Youth & Community Foundation Second Refurb

We chose to make changes to the centre in two stages.

With the first stage complete, we consulted with young people and other users of the centre and then asked Michelle Hall from One of a Kind Custom design to draw up plans for the second phase of our refurbishment.

The centre is set up to be used by young people, but many other groups of various ages enjoy the space and facilities. Its activitivities enhance lives, and provide support for the local community.

Bids to the Talbot Village Trust, The Clothworkers Foundation and Dorset County Council provided the funding to put the plan into action and we are very grateful for their support.

Wareham Men and their Sheds put in our cupboards and so helped us get good value from the funding, as did our PYCF volunteers. Some friends of PYCF cleared old furniture away.

Scott Electrics updated the ceilings and lighting, which were in a poor state.

MG Furnishing updated the floor in the office and chat area.

We completed it all by purchasing new chairs. Our Not so Youth Group and some young people put the new chairs together.

The chairs in the main hall give more space for activities such as yoga, table tennis, or meetings.

The chat room gave the opportunity for most of the young people to have seating in a colour of their choice!

The quiet area is used by our counsellor from Dorset Mind and chilling out.

New blinds for the Education room and Quiet room support their use for people receiving lessons in the room, or people hiring it for meetings.

Replacement of the washing machine and dishwasher help the staff and volunteers keep the centre clean.

Young people are well pleased with the changes and feel valued , and other people using the centre are enjoying the upgrades. These include our under 10’s fun days, D of E group, Not so Youth Group, Gateway for adults with a learning disability, teachers for children out of school, Dorset Mind ,Yoga, Mandarin lessons, CAB, ukulele lessons and more.

Any money raised from renting rooms goes towards running youth clubs and activities for young people.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported us.

“It’s brillant, it’s amazing, it’s comfortable, love it “ some young people told us at a lunchtime session today - a busy session with 117 young people.