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Summer activities continue....

So far it has been a busy summer with youth workers on Outreach across Wool, Wareham and Corfe and Swanage, catching up with young people.

Some one-to-one work has continued with some young people, meeting them outside.

We have also been part of Summer in Dorset providing activities for young people in the Wareham Youth Centre garden . This has been for young people who have not been out and about. They meet up with social distancing and enjoy some activities - making things, sport, relaxation yoga and chatting.

Our local councillor popped in to see how it was going and to check the height of the sunflowers she planted with young people. One session was for a group who we have been seeing each week when we ran Zoom virtual club meetings .We have also been to Carey camp with young carers.

Feedback from young people and parents has been good:- " This was really fun! I really enjoyed making necklaces and I'm glad I got out of the house." "I really enjoyed socialising with people and being with people who understand. I am going to walk slowly to the bus as I really enjoyed it." "I really liked everything about today, it helped take my mind off things at home" "Thank you! K came home smiling and very happy which made a change after these months of being in lockdown, missing out on school and being with peers. Good to be away from the computer!" Our young leaders have supported us and kept the allotment going.